Reliability & Performance

In a modern city, an elevator will likely travel hundred of thousands of kilometers during its life. During a ten-year period the doors will likely open and close nearly two million times. The majority of all breakdowns are related to door operation failure, and normally the longest shut down period is caused by failure of the hoist machine.

The reliability package from Eletek Elevator offers state of the art solutions, updating door operation and aging hoist machines at the same time. Even without full scale replacement, building owners can minimize service disruption, improve performance, and extend the useful life of their elevator system.

Do your elevators seem to not perform as well as they used to? Do you want to compete with the new buildings and all of their new technology?

We provide a wide variety of solutions, each of which has a positive effect on the reliability and performance of your elevators. By selecting the right combination of our offerings, we can focus on those areas of your equipment that need the most attention.

New technologies can be far more reliable than older electromechanical systems with many moving parts.

Smoother rides, better dispatching strategies and gentle door operation are just a few of the many performance upgrades available.